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community programs

String Studio

The String Studio provides violin and viola lesson free of charge to underserved elementary students at Folwell Performing Arts Magnet in Minneapolis, giving them the chance to experience the personal, musical, and academic benefits of individualized music instruction. Each season String Studio students perform at an MYS concert. We are very proud of this long-standing partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools and the opportunity it provides; the program is funded by Minnesota’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, grants, and individual donations.

Music & Melody Makers

This free program provides preschool and elementary students a hands-on experience with the instruments of the orchestra. MYS students demonstrate and help children play each instrument, including strings, percussion, brass and winds. Participants also watch an orchestra in rehearsal and receive an activity book. This program happens twice each season at Saturday MYS rehearsal. This season's Music & Melody Makers events are scheduled for Saturday, Jaunary 25, 2020 and April 4, 2020.

Children’s Concert Club

Music & Melody Makers participants and other youth groups (Scouts, Big Brothers & Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.) may attend MYS concerts at a $3 per person rate through the Children’s Concert Club. These affordable tickets enable children from all backgrounds to hear music performed by other young people, encouraging interest in music. Please contact our office at 651-699-5811 to arrange Children’s Concert Club tickets.