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Graduating Students 2021

Laura Schoenzeit

Laura will be attending the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to study Mathematics and Biology. She says "MYS was my first opportunity to play in an orchestra. I have been able to develop my love for music and meet incredible people." Thanks for being a part of MYS!

Anna Schmidt

Anna will be attending St. Olaf College to major in Biology with a Neuroscience focus. She was awarded the Christiansen Music Scholarship for Clarinet. Anna writes that "MYS has fostered my love of music and encouraged me to make music an integral part of the rest of my life." Congrats, Anna!

Justina Wojahn

Justina will be attending University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to study Music Performance. She is taking a gap year before attending college in the fall of 2022 and plans to work and visit family. She will also be continuing with MYS. She is excited to get back to playing in bigger groups.

Corrie Bascom

Corrie will be taking a gap year before heading off to college to pursue a violin performance degree. Good luck!

Lily Bronson

Lily will be attending Oberlin College & Conservatory to study Viola Performance & Psychology. She was awarded the Oberlin Conservatory Dean Scholarship, John F. Oberlin Scholarship, Oberlin Commitment Scholarship, MVCT (Mounds View Community Theatre) Fine Arts Scholarship, and Fine Arts-Orchestra Department Award (Mounds View High School). She writes that "MYS has been a true joy. I always looked forward to Saturday mornings and am so thankful for how the MYS community has supported my development as a violist." Congratulations, Lily!

Ingrid Tverberg

Ingrid plans to attend the University of Northwestern - St. Paul and study Cello Performance and Biology. She was awarded the Deans Academic Scholarship, Music Merit Scholarship, and Music Department Grant. She says "MYS has grown me into a better and more well-rounded musician. I've made lasting friendships, and had musical experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise: playing side-by-side with MN Orchestra members, performing at Orchestra Hall, and soloing with an orchestra. I've learned a lot from my fellow MYSers and conductors, and I'm grateful I was able to be part of MYS for the last 5 years." Thank you for being a part of MYS, Ingrid!

Austin Lallak

Austin will attend the University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and study Instrumental Music Education. He was awarded the Robert O. Heck Instrumental Musical Wind and Percussion Division Scholarship. He writes that "I feel that I have gained more confidence in myself as a leader, musician and trombone player from making the decision to do MYS. I appreciated all the moments we had together, even when times felt hard or if I felt that I didn’t practice enough. Overall, I’m happy with everything that I was able to learn from the teachers and other fantastic musicians I was surrounded by that motivated me to always push myself as a musician in every way possible." Good luck in the fall, Austin!

Claire Schoonmaker

Claire will attend Gustavus Adolphus College and plans to study Mathematics. She was awarded the Jussi Bjorling Music Scholarship, Gustavus Music Award, Norgard Memorial Scholarship, President's Scholarship, Gustavus Merit Scholarship, and Robert A. Peterson Family Scholarship. She says "MYS has been an amazing opportunity to play in a high-level ensemble of people who share a passion for music. I have been honored to play under five extraordinary conductors: Jim Bartsch, Manny Laureano, Dr. Ruth Lin, Nicholas Ellison, and Bill Eddins. From the plastic dinosaurs Mr. Bartch bought us to put on our stands for Philharmonic's performance of Jurassic Park music, to Manny's painstaking coaching on how to pronounce Spanish words for a Cuban piece that included speaking, stomping and clapping, to Mr. Eddins switching between four different languages as he conducted and making Lord of the Rings references at every turn, I cannot count the treasured memories I have made during my time at MYS. I remember stressing over my first MYS audition and collapsing with relief when it was over. I remember gasping when I first saw the interior of Orchestra Hall, where we played my first Spring concert. I remember waking up to Manny playing the trumpet on my first Symphony retreat. MYS has challenged me to grow as a musician. I have made friends, I have learned so much, and I have solidified a deep love for music that I will carry with me even though my journey with MYS is done." Congratulations and good luck, Claire!

Lily Vargo

Lily plans to attend Carleton College and has not yet decided on a major. Thank you for being a part of MYS!

Carson Meritt

Carson will attend the New England Conservatory for Bassoon Performance. He writes "Being able to play repertoire from so many different composers expanded my appreciation for classical music. Bill was also an amazing conductor and I will always remember working with him (even in this strange year)." Congratulations, Carson!