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Graduating Students 2021

Joey Wu

Joey will attend the University of Pennsylvania with the VIPER Program - Philosophy and BioEngineering. He is a National Merit Scholar and Presidential Scholar Semifinalist and was awarded the Evergreen Music Scholarship and Elaine Liu Music Scholarship. He writes that "MYS showed me what music can really be. Instead of blindly following the tempos, I learned to follow the baton and listen to those around me. MYS gave a supportive, kind community in which musicianship could be fostered. I will remember MYS fondly as the place where my concept of music expanded immensely." We look forward to seeing what you will accomplish!

Alex Steil

Alex will be studying at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and plans to double major in music and journalism and minor in political science. He was awarded an Arts Scholarship through the University and Berggren Arts Scholarsip through his high school. Good luck in the fall!

Stephen Ma

Stephen will be attending the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities to study Computer Science and Music and was awarded a Presidential Scholarship. He says "MYS has helped me develop ensemble skills and greatly expanded my repertoire of orchestral pieces. I am very appreciative of the opportunities MYS has given me." Congratulations, Stephen!