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Alumni: Where are they now?

SSCW = MYS Symphony Solo Competition Winner

Robert Adney, percussion (1974?)
Faculty-Gustavus Adolphus, Northwestern College and MacPhail Center for Music, Freelance Percussionist, Percussion Teacher, MN

Melissa Adorn, horn (2003-2007)
Received her BA and BM from the University of MN. Joined the MYS staff in 2013 as development officer.

Julie Aiken, violin (2002-2005) SSCW
Julie attended Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Emily Anderson, violin (2004-2009) SSCW
Emily is studying at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. In the summer of 2011 she will be attending the Heifetz International Music Institute in New Hampshire.

Sofia Ardalan, violin (1990-1998)
Director of Choir School-House of Hope Presbyterian Church, Freelance Vocalist, MN

Monica Baik, violin (1997-2003)
Financial Analyst-General Mills, MN

Tasha Baron, trombone (1998-2000)
Black Blondie, R&B/Soul group, or on iTunes. Teaches piano, flute and trombone at West Bank School of Music, Minneapolis

Eleanor Bartsch, violin (2004-2007) SSCW
Eleanor is attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Lisa Berman, violin (1990-91) SSCW
Author and Producer-Simply Violin Series, Violin Instructor, MN

Rachel Bittner, oboe (1994-1997)
Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison, piano performance. MYS Operations Manager from 2009-2015, Piano Instructor

Jay Bluhm, percussion (2002-2007)
Instructor-Arthur Murray Studios, Seattle, WA

Mark Bobnick, trumpet (1992-1997)
Trumpet Shop Manager, Assistant Store Manager-Schmitt Music, The Power of 10

Linnea Brown, violin, viola (1991-2000)
Social Worker, Ramsey County, MN

Tallie Brunfelt, violin (1996-2005) SSCW
Tallie graduated with a performance degree from Manhattan School of Music. She is a freelance Musician & violin instructor in New York City

Joel Bryan, trombone (2000-2001)
Music Teacher-Cannon Falls High School, MN

Kevin Burk, percussion (1999-2005) SSCW
Kevin graduated as a PM from Cleveland Institute of Music and is currently working on his MM in music from Carnegie Mellon University. A busy freelance musician, Kevin has performed with a number of professional orchestras in the northeast.

Emily Cain, viola (1997-2004)
MYS Communications Coordinator from 2009-2015.

Brian Campbell, Trombone, (1974-1976)
Brian is music professor of theory and composition at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. He also performs as a trombonist. “MYS was a wonderful experience for me, especially because orchestral music was my passion and my high school did not have an orchestra—it did have an excellent band. I went on get an undergraduate degree in trombone performance before doing graduate work in music theory.”

Elizabeth (Campton) Larson, cello (1990-1995)
Music Director-Bethany Baptist Church, Cello, Piano Instructor, MN

Lisa (Campton) Marek, cello (1985-1988)
Graphic Designer and owner-Fat Cat Art Studio, Twin Cities

Lisa (Shirk) Carriere, flute (1977-1978) 
Graduated with a math and French BA degree from Hamline University, St. Paul MN. She is an active musician and lives with her husband and two children in Apple Valley, MN.

Deidre Chang, violin (1997-2000)
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), Tampa, FL

Scott Christian, percussion (1990-1996) SSCW
Scott Christian has a MM and a BMus from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Scott has played timpani with the Charlotte Symphony, Atlanta Symphony and several others. He continues to freelance and teaches percussion instruments at South Park Music School in Charlotte, ND.

Jilleen Christianson Schwarz, violin (1982-1985)
Graduate of University of Minnesota, Duluth
Director of a small educational non-profit, homeschooling our 3 children, teaching the youngest violin, and cultivating their love of theatre, sports, academics, and music through choirs and their instruments (piano, horn, flute among the three children).

Anna Clearman, violin (2002-2005) SSCW
Anna Clearman is a performance major at Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Brent Comeau, tuba (1997-98)
Band Director-Woodbury High School, MN

Seth Cruden, cello (1994-1999)
Financial Planning-Ameriprise, MN

Emily Curtner-Atkinson, clarinet (1990-94) SSCW
Emily Curtner attended William Mitchell College of Law on full scholarship after graduating from the University of Minnesota with honors. She practices law in the Twin Cities.

Kristine Dizon, clarinet (2004-2007)
MYS Alumni Chair 2011-2012; Kristine is currently teaching at
the Conservatoire de Musique et Danse - Montargis and for the Philharmonie de
Paris Project DEMOS and pursuing a PhD in cultural studies at the
Universidade de Católica Portuguesa in Lisbon.

Alexandra (Ali) Early, violin (1998-2001)
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (2012-13)

Susan Enger, trumpet (1994)
Memphis Symphony

Ilya Finkelshteyn, cello (1990-1991)
Cello, Cincinnati Symphony

Michele Antonello Frisch, flute (1974-76)
Principal Flute, Minnesota Opera, Flute Teacher

Jennifer Greupner, horn (1991-92)
Band Director, Harding High School, St. Paul

​​Sarah Grimes, violin (2003-10)​ Second Violin, Minnesota Orchestra

Sonja Olson Grimes, violin horn (1973-1982)
Accompanist, Piano Teacher, MN

Jennifer Haugh, horn (1991-1994)
Graduated 2011 from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University with a Master in Public Administration Mid-Career degree (MPA/MC; Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Principal, Jennifer Haugh Communications, Boston MA.

Newell Hill, violin (1992-1995)
Owner, Econo Piano Move and Tune, Inc.
Founder, Keys 4/4 Kids Charity, MN

Myra Hinrichs, violin (2001-2008)
Attending Oberlin Conservatory; member of the string quartet, Chartreuse.

Russell Holsapple, trombone (1993-1995)
Russell holds a Bachelor’s degree in music composition from the University of Minnesota and has completed the SMPTV program at the University of Southern California. MYS has premiered two of Russell’s compositions. He has scored several films and he is alzo a freelance pianist. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife LeAnn.

Sandy Johnson, bassoon (1992-1998)
Bassoon, Air Force Concert Band, Washington, D.C.

Carolyn Kan, violin (2005-2008)
Currently Ph.D student in physics, University of Illinois

Brendan Kane, bass (1997-2000)
Brendan lives in Miami Beach, FL and is an active musician.

Daniel Kim, viola (2004-2007) SSCW
Daniel is attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Sophia Kim, violin (2004-2008) SSCW
Sophia is attending Amherst College.

Dona Vellek Klein, cello (1972-1973)
Assistant Principal Cello, Atlanta Symphony

Peter Kennedy, clarinet (2003-2006)
Graduate School at Carnegie Melon University in Clarinet performance.

Greg Knudsen, trumpet (1989-91)
Principal Trumpet, New Florida West Coast Symphony and Sarasota Orchestra

Alicia Koelz, violin (1989-1999) SSCW
Violin, Cleveland Orchestra

Laura Koning Jordan, trumpet (1992-95)
Currently lives in Gilbert, AZ

Stephanie Krejcarek, violin (1986-1997)
Physician, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

Kristi Kubista-Hovis, horn (1994-1997)
Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Agriculture, Washington DC

Tai-Jin Lee, violin (1997-2003)
Software Engineer-Mountain View, CA

Mia Less Heinrich, violin (1990-1994) SSCW
Mia lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two children.

Alex Legeros, bassoon, contra bassoon (2007)
MYS Administrative Intern 2011-12, Graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College with Major in Honors Philosophy and a Minor in Scandinavian Studies; currently at the University of MN working on a Masters in Arts and Cultural Leadership; member of the Minnesota National Guard Reserve Band.

Steven Leung, violin (1983-1990) SSCW
Steven Leung is a violin and viola instructor in the Twin Cities.

Heather LeVesseur Niemeyer, bassoon, contra bassoon (1996-2000)
Heather graduated with a degree in music from the University of Minnesota, She is the Parish Schools Band Director at Hill-Murray School in St. Paul, MN

Marc Levine, violin (1994-1997)
Founding member of the baroque ensemble, Flying Forms; Artistic Director of the Southampton Cultural Center Chamber Music Series. Marc and his wife, Tami Morse, harpsichordist, executive director of Lyra Baroque Orchestra, own the Baroque Room in St. Paul, MN

Kelsey Long, violin (1996-2001)
Aerialist with the International Circus, Ireland

Max Lundgren, cello (2004-2009) SSCW
Max is studying music, math and anthropology the University of Minnesota.

Scott Lykins, cello (2003-20024)
Artistic Director, Lakes Area Music Festival in Brainerd, MN

Yousi Ma, violin (1999-2001)
Physicist-CERN, CA

Andriana Macres Magness, violin (1991-1998)
Vee Corporation, Minneapolis

Paul Macres, bass (1995-2002)
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, New Orleans, LA

Meghan McGuire, cello (1991-1994) SSCW
Megan McGuire holds degrees from San Francisco Conservatory and Florida State University. She is a cello instructor at Lynam-Huthmaker Performance Center in Duluth, GA.

Kevin McMullin, tuba (1972-73)
Composer, Singer, Performer with Duck for the Oyster and Take 3, Sarona, WI; MYS performed his piece,“One Nation” with the Philharmonic Orchestra and guest artist, Pipestone Drums in 2009-10 season

Nicole Millner, flute (1992-2002)
Organist, Flute Instructor, MN

Edward “Teddy” Niedermaier, piano and violin (1997-2001)
Teddy graduated with a degree in composition from Juilliard and is currently completing his graduate degree at St. Joseph School of Music at Indiana University. MYS commissioned a piece from Teddy for their 35th anniversary.

Karen Neinstadt, violin (1991-1997)
Member of the St. Paul JCC Symphony & Roseville Strings, Roseville MN; Librarian for the city of St. Paul; serves on the MYS Paren/Alumni Advisory Council.

Michael Nelson, violin (2004-2009)
Michael is at Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music studying violin performance with Piotr Milewski.

Laura Nilan, viola (1994-2001)
Laura is a physician practicing in the Twin Cities.

Eruejerien Okoh, cello (1995-2002)
Music Teache- Baltimore Public Schools

Sonja Olson Grimes, clarinet (1975-1984)
Professional accompanist, piano instructor

Heike Otterson, violin (1972-73)
Heike was an AFS student from Germany. She has a PhD in Theoretical Education and is teaching philosophy and history at a Senior High School. “I never came back to USA, but I miss a lot the time spent in Minnesota and especially the great educational experience in the MYS with the wonderful Director Mr. Winkler (and his wife as assistent): a truly life long present!”

Daniel Persitz, violin (1993-1999) SSCW
Movie Development, Hasbro Motion Pictures, Los Angeles, CA

Hannah Peterson, flute (2002-2009) SSCW
Hannah is majoring in music at the University of Cincinnati

Claire Philpot, violin (2003-2007)
Claire graduated from Luther College; works as Education Coordinator, Classical for MPR, St. Paul

David Pojar, percussion (1994-1998)
United States Navy Band, Kailua, Hawaii County, Hawaii

Helga Radio, violin (2001-2003)
Marketing & Communications Manager at Children’s HeartLink, St. Paul

Ingrid Radio, violin (1991-1999)
Graduated from Iowa State University with degree in Art & Design; Account Coordinator for Baker Associates; Owner of Sweet Rush Bakery, St. Paul

Amanda Rudnickas, oboe  (2007-2009)
Amanda is teaching K-4 General Music at St, Anthony Elementary, New Ulm, MN

Rachael Ryan, cello (2001-2004) SSCW
Rachael holds a performance degree from Eastman School of Music. She is getting married in October 2011 so she is busy planning for the big event but still has time to do some freelance performing in the Winona area where she is living.

Sam Sather, violin (1990-1999)
Music Teacher-Jonathan Elementary, Chaska MN

Bernhard Scully, horn (1993-1995)
Horn Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Former Principal Horn, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
“I have so many amazing memories of MYS. The experience was so pivotal for me and my musical development.”

Rachel Serber, trumpet (1999-2003)
Freelance Musician

Sonia Sielaff, clarinet (1990-1997)
Associate Principal Clarinet, Norwegian Opera & Ballet Orchestra, Oslo

Jeff Specht, tuba (1998-1998)
Music Director & Conductor, Shasta Symphony Orchestra, Director of Orchestras & Band, Instructor of Music Theory at Shasta College, CA

Lisa Svejkovsky Schaffer, cello (1975-1985)
Cello, Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra

April Stiles, violin (1991-1998)
Orchestra Teacher, St. Cloud Public Schools

Holly Stiles Quant, violin (1992-2001) SSCW
Holly received a degree in violin performance at the University of Minnesota School of Music. Holly lives in Decatur, GA with her husband and two children.

Paul Straka, horn (1973-1976)
Horn, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Marissa Swanson Ferro, viola (1992-1996) SSCW
Violin/Viola instructor, Boulder, CO

Nicole Swanson, viola (1993-2000)
Nicole Swanson holds the title of Miss Minnesota 2006. She earned a BA in Music from the University of Minnesota

Isaac J. Thompson, violin (1999-2003)
Vice President of Artistic Planning for the New York Philharmonic

Nicholas Trygstad , cello (1991-1998) SSCW
Principal Cello, Hallé Orchestra, Manchester, England

Ben Ullery, viola (1990-1992)
Viola, Minnesota Orchestra

Jessica Valeri, horn (1991-1993)
Horn, San Francisco Symphony

Jeffrey Vigness, percussion (1990-1997)
Jeff has his own percussion studio, active composer, free-lance musician and now author of “How to Play in a Rock or Jazz Band”

Evan Vicic, violin/viola (2000-2008)
Appointed Assistant Principal Viola with The Louisville Orchestra (2013)

Jenni Volby, violin (1991-1995)
Violin Instructor, Twin Cities MN

Emily Vold, violin (2002-2007)
Violin Teacher-River Road Elementary ,Columbus, GA
Violin, Columbus & LeGrange Symphonies

Sonja (Grete) Wangensteen, harp (1999-2001) SSCW
Sonja completed her first year at The Juilliard School and then went to The Curtis Institute and received a BA, Music Performance-Harp in 2007. She continued to pursue an MM in harp performance at Indiana University.

Miranda Wardell Bryan, flute (1997-2002)
Operations Manager, GTCYS

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Whipple, violin (1999-2007) SSCW
Elizabeth is attending Cleveland Institute of Music as a violin performance major.

Timothy Will, trumpet (2005-2008)
Graduates Juilliard in Spring 2013; accepted into the Master of Music in trumpet at Yale University for 2013-14.

Jessica Wilson Newhouse, violin (2003-2006)
Graduated with a performance degree from the University of Minnesota in 2011. Jessica is currently the string assistant for the MYS String Orchestra.

Nathan Wilson, violin (1997-1998)
Owner, Integrity Music Academy, MN

Isabel Wolf, cello (1972-1976)
Owner, Wolf Artists International LLC, NYC, Brussels

Gary Alan Wood, clarinet (1977-1979)
Director, Fairfield University’s Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield CT
Gary is responsible for all programming and management of the 760-seat Kelley Theater, the 120-seat Wien Experimental Theatre (Black Box) and the Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery.

Barry Zumwalde, trombone (1992-1995)
Band Director-Forest Lake High School, MN