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student fundraiser: play-a-thon


Visit our event page on Qgiv!

  • 13 weeks of student fundraising culminating in a free concert for the community at Rosedale Shopping Center on December 14th, 2019.

  • Our goal is $50,000. We ask all students to contribute at least $150 by asking friends, family, classmates and those in your social circle. If each student brings in $150 in donations, we will meet our goal.

  • All funds must be in by 1:00 on Saturday, December 7th to be eligible for prizes. We welcome donations at any time , but only those received by the cut off will be eligible for student prizes.

  • All students who participate in the fundraiser by collecting donations with be eligible for the prizes below. Remember, the more people participating in each orchestra, the better chance your orchestra will win the orchestra prize.  This year, each orchestra will have a designated Play-a-thon Team Leader to help lead, motivate, and answer/direct questions of their peers.


Artistic costs directly related to your experience in MYS exceed $100,000 annually. This amount covers rental fees for rehearsal space and our concert venues, the purchase and rental of music, the maintenance and purchase of instruments, Minnesota Orchestra sectional coaches, and most importantly student scholarships, so that every qualifying student may participate in MYS. Tuition only covers 40% of our costs. Your participation in our annual student fundraiser is vital to the success of MYS! This year, rather than selling a product, we wanted to give our students another opportunity to perform in the community. We will be fundraising during the fall, and in return perform a free concert as our gift back to the community.


Please make sure to look at our "Fundraising Tips" page and keep a record of the donations you have collected. There are three ways donors can contribute and make sure that their donation counts toward your total donations.

  1. Mail: Donors can contribute by mailing a check to the MYS office using the bottom portion of the Play-a-thon flyer, making sure to fill out your name at the bottom.

  2. In-person: Donors can give you a check or cash directly, which you can keep track of using the form for recording donations. Please turn in all donations to the MYS office by the deadline.

  3. Online: We will be using a peer to peer fundraising software called Qgiv for the Play-a-thon this year. Each student will be invited to sign up, create their own personal page for the Play-a-thon, and then send this page to their family and friends. Donors can then donate directly via the student's page and the student will receive immediate credit for the donation.


Prizes will be awarded based solely on total eligible donations collected by each student.

Gold—$500 or more

  • Prizes given to the top 3 fundraisers

  • Awards include a choice of a special music-themed prize (valued at $100 and up)


  • Prizes given to each student in the category

  • Students receive 2 MYS complimentary tickets for either the winter or spring concert


  • Prizes given to each student in the category

  • Students can choose between MYS merchandise items

Orchestra—Orchestra with the highest total donations

  • Orchestra will receive either a group breakfast or lunch - group’s choice!


Helpful Play-a-thon Documents: