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Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering wiht MYS! Please help us by filling out this form so we can best find a volunteer activity that meets your skills and availability. If you have additional questions please email Geneva Gaukel, MYS Volunteer Coordinator. Thank you!

Please list other volunteer experiences you've had and include the organization and a brief description of your duties.
Please check all that interest you.
Please check all that apply.

In an effort to protect our students, volunteers and Minnesota Youth Symphonies as an organization, the MYS board has developed some expectations of our parent volunteers. 

      Volunteer Expectations

  1. Treat MYS students, parents and staff with respect and dignity.
  2. Never physically or verbally harass a student.
  3. Report any inappropriate or unsafe behavior to the operations manager or a conductor.
  4. Encourage inclusive rather than exclusive behavior in students.
  5. Be firm, fair and consistent in all dealings with students. Address the
  6. problem without attacking the person.
  7. Maintain confidentiality at all levels, including among fellow volunteers, with students and within the community.
  8. Do not bring an outside conflict with another student or family into the context of the organization.
  9. Do not undermine your credibility with all students or parents by providing your own child special treatment outside the organization’s policies and procedures.
  10. Do not smoke, use alcohol or any controlled substance when MYS students are present.
  11. Do not use vulgar language when MYS students are present.

MYS Volunteers should expect from Minnesota Youth Symphonies

  1. To be treated with dignity and respect as a co-worker, not just free help.
  2. To be given a duty that takes into account personal preference, temperament, like experience education and knowledge.
  3. To receive sound guidance and direction from experienced staff
  4. To be heard, and have an opportunity to be a part of the planning and to share and welcome ideas.