Music Education Classes for 2021-2022

MYS is dedicated to providing a comprehensive musical experience for all of our students. We offer additional music education classes led by Lucas Shogren, our Music Education Instructor. These classes are available at no additional cost to MYS students and their families.

Taking advantage of our music education classes strengthen students' overall skills as musicians, and helps prepare students for college coursework. In many cases our courses have helped students test out of college requirements!

History of Opera

The creation and expansion of opera was one of the most important developments in all of western musical history. Even though opera is of monumental importance, it is still a genre that is not well understood, or appreciated, among young classical musicians.

In this class, we will explore the history of opera and its pivotal role in pushing art forward. Join us as we discover some of the greatest operas of all time and learn to appreciate the drama and beauty of this intriguing art form!

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